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Technology and marketing services agency, helping build the world’s best reward programs.

Online Rewards

Online Rewards is a technology and marketing service agency. We build custom employee engagement platforms that combine multiple reward program types under a common framework.

From simple peer-to-peer and manager s pot award recognition programs to complex, multi-faceted custom solutions, Online Rewards delivers unique programs tailored to each of our clients.

Let us help you build a positive culture of employee recognition and engagement.

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WorkProud® provides you with the expertise, technology and change management services to strengthen your Company’s Culture and build purpose and pride in the workplace.

Far more than a technology platform, WorkProud is a comprehensive approach to building company cultures that inspire people to be Proud of their Work and Proud of their Company.

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Catalog API web services allow you to integrate our world-class rewards catalog and order fulfillment services into your application using a set of industry standard API calls. The service allows you to integrate millions of reward options (both US and Internationally) into your application.

We provide comprehensive developer tools and documentation to make the integration process efficient and simple and support you with a team of dedicated order processing support staff to ensure the efficient delivery of reward for your participants.

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MyPointRewards allows you to encourage positive behaviors by awarding your population with points that can be accumulated and spent in an online catalog.

MyPointRewards is an online software platform designed for you to use rewards as incentives for employees, channel partners, or sales reps.

With MyPointRewards, you gain access to one of the world’s largest rewards catalogs, a dynamic interface with content editing tools, simple to use admin tools, comprehensive reporting dashboards, customizable emails, and best-of-all, an inexpensive pricing model that will help you achieve your business objectives.

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RewardsOnDemand is an easy, fun way to distribute rewards, instantly.

RewardsOnDemand codes can be issued in almost any denomination and currency. You can even customize the award redemption options. We provide the codes, you send out an email with a code and pin and the recipient selects the awards they want. It’s like getting an email or text message… but with a reward!

You distribute the rewards to your users via email, print, or SMS message, and they can instantly redeem them online. We can also send them out if that helps.

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Recognize your employees with a meaningful reward option to celebrate years of service and their contributions to your business. There is no cost to setup a Milestone Awards program and you’ll be provided with instant access to award certificates.

MyMilestoneAward makes it simple to celebrate your employees by offering them a gift from one of the world’s largest, and engaging rewards catalogs within the industry. Available in the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Customized versions are available for global programs.

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Toll roads are driven by millions of people on a daily basis. As a toll road operator we collaborate with you to create an optimal user experience, while building loyalty to your service and brand.

Toll Road Marketing is an innovative SaaS technology and strategy provider that creates incentive and loyalty programs for toll road, skyway, rail, and all other transportation operators.

Turnkey to custom, our programs will encourage and increase tag, pass, and sticker purchase and utilization by rewarding participants with desirable offers from local and national merchants.

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One card, thousands of rewards.

Deliver customized corporate rewards and incentives to your employees, customers, or market research participants with incredible ease. With The Award Card, you are in control of everything from card design and communications to the reward options—including gift cards, prepaid cards, merchandise and experiences—in your online catalog.

Rewards that people really want are the key to success for incentive programs large and small. That’s why we proudly offer a wide array of options for recipients around the world, including locally popular gift cards and merchandise.

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